Educating Ellie – Billionaire Romance

Educating Ellie – Billionaire Romance
Genres: $ FREE ebook, Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Butterfly Publishings
Publication Year: 2017

Book 1 of 2 in Catching Fire (2 Book Series) See all 3 formats and editions
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About the Book

Billionaire Romance
Educating Ellie
By T.N. King
Publisher: Butterfly Publishings
Published: July 2017
Was $2.99

Ellie White is impulsive and hard working. She knows life could be better, but she feels stuck in the situation that she’s in. When billionaire businessman, Morgan Hunt rescues her from a burning diner, her life changes. He impresses her with how genuine and caring he seems to be. Then Ellie realizes that she might be falling for him. When she learns that he can’t stop thinking about her, the decision to sleep with him is all too easily made and she surprises herself with her own deep desires. He breaks her heart and she blames herself for being so naive. Can she ever trust him again?