Author Spotlight – J.L. Beck

J.L.BeckJ.L. Beck is the Best Selling Author of some of your favorite series, those including The Kingpin Love Affair Series, The Bittersweet Series, The Ties Series, The Project: Series, The Worth It Series, and The Stepbrother Romance Series.

She’s a 24 something year old, who plays mother to two adorable minions during the day, and wife and author by night. Whenever she can you will find her reading, lounging around the house, or playing with her two German Shepard pups Halo, and Hatchi.

Her favorite books are those that leave a lasting impression, and that have you coming back for more.

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A Stepbrother Romance Series

Filthy   Royal Prick

A Ties Novel Series

Dangerous Ties   Severed Ties

Other Books

   Bittersweet reunion   Worth the Chase

Project Killer   A Bittersweet Novella



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