Romantic Erotica For Review – Next to Never

Next To NeverNext to Never
Shattered Innocence Trilogy
By A.L. Long
Publisher: Wordclay
ISBN: 978-1507900024
Genre: Romance, Romantic Erotica, BDSM
Formats Available For Review: epub, mobi, pdf

Rade Matheson is a young successful businessman with over a billion dollars in assets. His only objective is to find the man who embezzled millions from one of his companies. What he finds is the innocence of the only women who can lead him to his stolen money and the man responsible. The only problem is he can’t get enough of her.  One wrong decision could cause him to lose her forever

All Dylan Adams wanted was to get her life back on track. After the death of her fiancée she knew she needs to move on.  So she opens her heart to Rade Matheson only to find she is falling for a man who in the end betrays her trust.

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