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My Friend, My Lover, My KillerMy Friend, My Lover, My Killer
By B.R. Mason
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 9781478734307
Pages: 368
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romantic Mystery, Romance, Suspense
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

When Police Officer Jacqueline “Jake” Kilborn stops at Carlson’s Convenience Store to get a soda for lunch, she walks past the four motorcycles parked out front without a second thought. But when the towering Nordic beauty steps through the door, a bullet slams into her shoulder. She has walked in on a robbery in progress. Despite her injury, the former Marine officer kills three of the suspects and critically wounds the fourth: Charles “Ac” Foster, a twisted sociopath fond of using large knives.

At his trial, as Foster is dragged from the courtroom in shackles, he screams obscenities at the witnesses and Officer Kilborn, threatening to cut them to pieces when he gets the chance. Several years later the sadistic biker is released from prison early due to overcrowding and Chief Jake Kilborn begins receiving threatening letters signed only with a crudely drawn ace of spades. Unsure when and where Foster will strike first, she and her department are on full alert in an effort to stop him before he can make good on his threats.

Things are complicated by the arrival of a handsome biker. Jake is at odds over her growing attraction to the Harley-riding stranger and her fear that he is in league with Foster.

Soon Jake will find herself the unwilling focal point in a battle of wills involving obsession, love, seduction, fear, betrayal, and murder – all because of a man she loves. . .

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